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        Certification camps is the leading Microsoft training and certification exam provider for MCA, MCE, MCSA, MCSE & MCSD certification. We offer "All-inclusive" pricing with airfare, lodging, transportation, books & test vouchers. 96% of our students pass their certification on the first attempt with our camps.

        Take Microsoft certification exams while attending camp Instructor Led Face To Face Classroom / Boot Camp Training

        Certification Camps offers Microsoft training and certifications using an instructor-led, accelerated learning format. Sometimes called "Microsoft Boot Camps", this format of learning allows students to learn technologies in a fraction of the time of traditional classroom training.

        Our newest camps include - SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016, Exchange 2016, Sharepoint 2016 & Sykpe for Business. We offer MCSA, MCSE & MCSD certifications.

        If you're new to Microsoft Certifications, check out our Microsoft Certifications Guide to help you get started.

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        Learn and certify Azure and Office 365 skills with the new Microsoft Role Based certifications. New certifications for Azure Developers, Azure Administrators, Azure Solutions Architects and desktop administrators.

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        Get training the way you want it, anywhere in the world

        We offer Instructor Led, Virtual Classroom Live, On-Demand and Private Group Training.

        • Classroom Live

          Interact face-to-face with vendor certified trainers in campus.

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        • Virtual Classroom Live

          Remotely attend and interact with the instructor led-live class

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          Learning at your own pace with Microsoft Official Online Courses

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          Get training at your site or one of our 60 locations across the United States.

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        The leader in Microsoft Training & Certification

        Certification Camps is the leader in Microsoft Training & Certification.

        If you are looking to achieve the MCSA, MCSE or MCSD Microsoft Certifications, you found the right place. We offer "All-Inclusive" pricing with airfare, lodging, transportation, meals, books & test vouchers.

        Our training model blends knowledge and certification prep into one solution. This "hybrid" solution is designed for you to learn the objectives of the exam, not just "learn the exam".

        Most training centers offer multiple formats and bootcamps are just a fraction of the business. Certification Camps exclusively delivers specialized training using the Microsoft Boot Camp format.

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